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For around the world tickets:
-also check Cathay Pacific's All Asia Pass for Asia multi-segment trips
Tip-  Always check the airline's own site after finding the cheapest fare.  If the fare is offered the too, buy it direct as you receive bonus miles. 
Tip- Check major US airline websites on Tuesdays for weekend specials for this week and the upcoming week. does this on Tuesday and mails them to several million people on Wednesday, (only some of the deals).  So beat the rush for seat by looking on Tuesday.
Tip-  For last minute travel is great, (despite being owned by Travelocity), the get better the longer you wait to buy.  Sometimes buying a last minute airfare and hotel package is significantly cheaper than buying the airfare alone anywhere else. 
Tip- Fridays, Sundays and Mondays are normally the most expensive days to fly.
Tip- Despite airlines disapproving of this, sometimes it is worth the effort to buy two roundtrips to get somewhere far away that has prohibitive airfares, i.e., buy one ticket to Los Angeles or San Francisco, (both hubs with cheap fares for flights to Asia), and another from Los Angeles or San Francisco onward.  Miami is a hub to South and Central America, New York is a hub to Europe, and Europe is a hub for Africa.  (Often countries in Europe that held colonies in Africa still have flights to their former colonies).  Normally you can collect extra bonus miles for each flight you purchase too.
Tip- Be sure to look out for carriers that need to make a logistical stop in the location you are heading and may have extra seats for the leg you want to fly, i.e. If you are going to London, look for cheap fares from Air India that flies from New York to London on the way to India, offering cheap fares on the first leg just to not lose money flying an empty plane.
Tip-Airfares are generally cheapest on Tuesday afternoons.
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